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Ten Tips to Look Amazing in Your Prom Tuxedo


1. Show Your Style.

Just because you have to dress in a tux doesn’t mean it has to be boring or look like your Dad. Use the style of the jacket, the shirt and accessories to reflect your style and personality. If you’re looking to really step out from the crowd on prom night, finish your look one of our top hat, glove and cane sets.

    Step Out From the Crowd with
a Top Hat, Gloves and Cane
2. Add a Splash of Color. Unlike many formal affairs, prom is a time when you can use color in your tie and vest or cummerbund. Just don’t forget to coordinate with your date and to choose a color that is flattering to your skin tone
    Match Your Tie and Vest
to Your Date’s Dress
3. Remember the Photos. These pictures will be on your parent’s mantel for years to come. So don’t choose something tacky or over-the-top just to amuse your friends. Choose a prom tuxedo you will be proud of for years to come and, trust us, one day you will thank us.
    Keep Your Look Tasteful
for Great Prom Pics
4. Consider the Fit. The proper fit makes all the difference. Too big and it looks like you are wearing your dad’s tux and too tight and it looks like it shrunk while you were wearing it. You should be able to move comfortably with no pulling, puckering, sagging or drooping. Feel free to give us a call or use our live chat if you have measurement questions or concerns. We are happy to help!
    Get the Perfect Fit with
 Giorgenti Prom Tuxedos
5. Accessories Add the Finishing Touch.   Giorgenti carries all of the perfect formal accessories for your prom tuxedo including vests or cummerbunds, ties, bow ties, tuxedo shirts, tuxedo shoes, pocket squares, cufflinks and studs, and the proper dress socks. 
    Giorgenti Vest and Bowtie Sets Give You a Coordinated Look
6. Get a Haircut. It does you no good to get all dressed up in a great prom tux if your hair is a mess. The week before the big day, go get your haircut and then play around with it a bit to make sure you get the look you want for prom night. If your hair is longer, pull it back or use some product to tame it down. But don’t go overboard, a little can go a long way.
7. A Little Bling. Tuxedo shirts require cufflinks and studs. Use stylish but classic accessories to polish your look and show your personal taste. A nice cufflink and stud set is a good investment. Keep the jewelry (earrings, necklaces, etc.) to a minimum. In this case, less is more.
    Giorgenti Tuxedo Accessories
Finish Your Look
8. Pressed and Clean. Make sure that you have your tux pressed, clean and ready to go on prom night. Don’t leave it crumpled in your closet floor or the backseat of your car. Wrinkles, spots and creases will ruin your look.
    Make Sure Your Tuxedo
Shirt is Sharp and Crisp
9. The Tie. Get someone to come over and show you how to tie your tuxedo tie in advance. That is a stress you don’t need at the last minute. This is especially important if you have a real bowtie. They can be a bit tricky and require a lot of practice. Better yet, choose a pre-tie. They look great and are easy to use.
    Giorgenti Tuxedo Ties
Help You Stand Out
10. Don’t Forget the Shoes. A great  prom tux can be ruined by scuffed up shoes. Get them polished. Or better yet, buy new ones. Black patent leather tuxedo shoes are the standard. And remember to wear them around the house a couple weeks before to break them in.
    Giorgenti Tuxedo Shoes
Complete the Outfit
  Still afraid to take the leap? Don’t be! Janine has selected the most beautiful, high quality tuxedos and tuxedo accessories for her collection. Follow the guidelines above and you really can’t go wrong. Want more advice? Visit our style guide or give us a call at 1-800-815-4784.